Radiolink AT9S 10CH RC Transmitter and Receiver R9DS 2.4G FPV


Radiolink AT9S 10CH RC Transmitter and Receiver R9DS 2.4G FPV

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  • 【Excellent Anti-interference】: The rc transmitter with DSSS&FHSS working synchronously to keep the excellent anti-interference performance, only 3ms for 10 channels response.
  • 【Real-time Information】: Model voltage, RSSI signal strength, speed, altitude, distance and more on the LCD screen display.
  • 【Simple Setting】: Humanized menu is designed applicable to both beginners and skilled person, only need takes 2 second to bind.
  • 【Low Consumption of Battery】: Unique anti-polarity connect protection to avoid anti-plug. Universal battery JST connector supports multiple type batteries: 8 pcs AA or 2s-4s LiPo battery. (Not included batteries) A 3s 1800mAh liPo battery can work more than 12 hours.
  • 【Suit Multiple Models】: Suitable for FPV racing drone, helicopter, multirotor, car boat and more, 15 types memory storage.

Product Description

Radiolink Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. We have registered the “RadioLink” brand in China, Europe and the United States. We are specialized in researching, developing and producing RC model radio transmitters. We also offer almost RC equipment including flight controllers, RC receivers, GPS, drones, balance charger,etc.

We have professional research and develop team, and applied automatic producing and testing instrument so that we can provide high-quality, diversified and competitive technological products to our customers, including our professional after-sales service.

Please ask support immediately when you need the FULL User Instruction.


AT9S 10CH RC Transmitter

AT9S RC controller with DSSS&FHSS hybrid dual-spreading to achieve the perfect combination of avoiding interference and anti-interference. 16 channels pseudo random frequency hopping technology(Not 16CH), it can be keep stably controlled in a complex urban environment.

More than 3400 meters air and 900 meters on the ground.(The actual control distance depends on the flying environment). Almost all pilots from international FPV racing event give us feedback that AT9S has an excellent anti-interference performance.


Come with R9DS 2.4GHz 10CH Receiver SBUS&PWM

10 channels R9DS rc receiver support S-BUS/PWM signal output.

SBUS and PWM signal can be changed and also can working synchronously, extending to 10 channels. R9DS receiver ONLY suitable for Radiolink’s transmitters AT9, AT9S, AT10 and AT10II.

  • Working Voltage: 4.8-10V
  • Size: 1.7*0.94*0.6inch
  • Weight: 0.024lb

Compatible with Radiolink Receiver:



Real-Time Information Telemetry

AT9S support real-time information telemetry, the receiver voltage and RSSI, airspeed, altitude, voltage, GPS, etc. Display on AT9S LCD screen when work with flight controller APM or PIX, Mini PIX.

AT9S with programmable mix function that 5th-10th channels can be programmable mix control, it’s a good choice for fixed wing.

save battery

Low Consumption of Battery

Operating voltage is 7.4v-18v, operating current<90mAh, a 1800mAh 3s LiPo battery can working 12 hours.

Battery Box: 4.6×1.4×1.3in




Ergonomic Appearance and Multiple Switches

4 VR switches, 3 three-gear switches, 4 two-gear switches, 1 reset trainer switch. Support multiple aerial control mode and PTZ control. AT9S adopt the potentiometer from Japan, so that the radio controller is anti-magnetic and handy for the user.

Navigation menu remind you next step setting, easily to use it even without user manual.

Anti-polarity Connect Protection

Do not worry about that transmitter damage when you insert wrong polarity, AT9S which has unique anti-polarity connect protection technology.

Universal JST connector and wide input voltage range, support multiple kinds of batteries, such as: 8pcs AA or 2s-4s LiPo battery.(Not Included)

Upgrade by USB

Upgrade by USB cable can keep your AT9S always advanced. The USB data backup copy function of AT9S can help you save and copy parameter setting easily. AT9S also can upgrade firmware up to 12 channels.

  • What You Get:
  • AT9S 10CH Transmitter x 1
  • R9DS Receiver x 1
  • Throttle stick return back x 1
  • User Manual x 1
  • Lanyard x 1