What you need to know about remote control vehicle battery care

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The battery of your remote control car will last longer with proper care. In fact, if the right steps of battery charging are followed, your battery will not only last longer but also save you a considerable amount of money because you won’t have to replace it every now and then. When buying a helicopter, boat, radio controlled (R/C) car or an RC motorbike, you will find out that it comes with a Li-PO or Ni-MH battery as well as a battery charger. Charging the battery is very important because it can determine how long the battery will last.


For models with Ni-MH batteries, here is a guide on how you are required to charge the RC battery:

  • Use the supplied charger to charge the battery for 8 to 8 hours
  • If your battery has a green indicator that tells you when the battery is fully charged, you can use it to determine when your battery is fully charged. However, if your battery does not have the green indicator light, note the time you started charging because 6-8 hours are enough to charge your battery
  • You can use a fast charger if you want to charge the battery fast. Fast charging takes 4 to 6 hours for the battery to fully charge
  • The average running time of Ni-Mh batteries varies depending on the terrain and the mAh of the battery. Batteries that have a higher mAh last longer although you can save battery charge by driving in a flat terrain


For models that use Li-PO batteries:

  • These batteries come with a balance charger that has indicator lights. Therefore, it is easy to know if the battery is full or not as you charge. This is quite helpful to avoid overcharging the battery
  • As you charge, remember to check the battery every now and then to see if it is fully charged
  • You are not supposed to leave the battery on charge unattended or overnight
  • The average running time for Li-PO batteries is 15—20 minutes depending on your driving habits and terrain


When are you supposed to charge the battery?

You are required to charge the battery fully before the very first use/run of your RC motorbike, car or boat. As you run your RC car, you can only know when to charge the battery again depending on the duration of time you’ve been using the car, the terrain you have been driving on and your driving habits. When your boat, bike or helicopter becomes slow and eventually unresponsive, the battery is low and you need to charge it. If you continue using your RC car, you will over discharge the battery thus damaging the battery. When your car becomes unresponsive/slow, leave it to cool off for a while and then recharge it.


Tips to ensure your RC car battery lasts long

  • Avoid driving your RC car on wet surfaces such as grass, muddy places, and large puddles because you may not only damage the components of your car but also short circuit the battery
  • When the batteries are not in use, observe proper storage and care
  • The batteries should be stored in a cool dry environment
  • The batteries should not be placed in direct exposure to sunlight or near a heat source
  • Make sure you store Li-PO batteries in Li-PO safe bags. In fact, when charging, you should place these batteries in their safe bags


If you follow these safety tips, your battery will last longer because you will not be exposing it to damaging conditions.